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APM according to Penzel

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Course Details
This diploma is divided into 4 separate courses – A, B, C, D, with both theory and practical examinations as part of the final course. The courses are 5 days in length, with about 50% theory and 50% practical. After each course, delegates will be able to use the acquired techniques in their workplace.
Course A
  • Introduction in the basics of energetics
  • Location and purpose of the meridians
  • Energetic diagnostic tools
  • Theory and practical work of the Tension - Equalization - Massage
  • APM during pregnancy and before birth
  • Energetic approach to physical therapy
Course B
  • Location and purpose of important acupuncture points
  • Energetic rules
  • Further energetic diagnosis
  • Energetic approach of scars
  • Yin strokes as a relaxation therapy
  • Energetic treatment of joints
Course C
  • Energetic physiological treatment of the spine
  • Energetic diagnosis with vascular autonomic signals
  • Sacral iliac joints, there importance and treatment
  • Intervertebral joints, there importance and treatment
  • Mental aspects of the treatment of joints
  • Therapy with associated and alarm points
  • Mobilisation the physiological energetic approach
Course D
  • Basics in the teaching of the Five Elements
  • Basics in pulse diagnosis
  • Diagnosis of the meridians and organs by using the ear
  • APM- therapy of the ear
  • Use of external energy (Electro therapy, Moxibation)
  • Final theory and practical examinations

course fee £ 500

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