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    APM according to Penzel
APMThe Method
What is "AKUPUNKT-MASSAGE" according to Penzel (APM) ® method?
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This diploma is divided into 4 separate courses, with both theory and practical examinations.
AKUPUNKT-MASSAGE (APM) is a technique that uses a combination of massage and acupuncture on the body, by using a specialised metal pen instead of needles. This is a non-invasive therapy.

The pen is used to balance the body’s energy flow, through the vessels called meridians and their related acupuncture points. By balancing and transferring energy we encourage the body to self-heal. This technique is aimed to clear up the cause of an ailment, rather then symptoms. A remarkable part of this technique improves and can heal back problems; migraines; female related ailments; stress related symptoms and much more.
    First time in the UK
Acupoint-Massage acc. to Penzel (APM)
is a modern connection between chinese medicine and western massage techniques. Since 1971 we are teaching this gentle meridian method in Germany.
The International Association of Acupoint Massage Therapists according to Penzel eV currently has over 3800 members, most of whom are located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. APM therapists are also working in a further 22 countries around the world.

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APM according to Penzel