Information for Clients


APM is a massage based on the principles of the Chinese teaching of acupuncture, having a positive influence on ailments and troubles caused by a functional disorder in the body. APM can often help in cases where the patient has been told by his doctor that he got to live with his illness, that there was no cure. Or that no illness could be located, that apparently, he seemed to be alright, all data being within the normal range, that he should not feel any pain at all.

But you, the afflicted patient, you do not want to abide by your ailments. If you are such a patient you should consider that apart from the well-known body systems there must be something else causing troubles and pain.


This something, however, is nothing mysterious or even mystic. It is something that with today’s advanced technology can already be photographed or measured. I am talking of the energy that makes life at all possible and that causes life to terminate when it is exhausted.

This energy flows through the body in well-known tracks or vessels called meridians. Chinese and Japanese physicians have known this for several thousands of years, without neglecting the other body systems at the same time.

Slowly but steadily, the knowledge of this energy – we call it just another body system: the energy circuit – is being accepted by the western medical science. It is recognized that apart from heart circulation, apart from the system of respiration, digestion, hormones, urology, nerves, etc. There is still another, even superior system – the energy circuit system.

Many scientists are extremely busy investigating into this energy circuit in order to prove its existence an make it reproducible. For me, your therapist, and for you, the patient, it should be sufficient to know, that it is possible to successfully cure by this system – very often in cases where all other treatments failed.


AKUPUNKT-MASSAGE – How does it act?

APM acts on the energy circuit, that is to say, on the control system superior to all other body systems. In the conception of the APM, every body function (the nervous or muscular system, for instance) can only properly fulfil its task, if it is furnished with the right quantity of energy.

Both, subnormal functioning as well as hyper function, are the causes of many indispositions or pain. To put it in another way: Ailments and diseases only occur because certain regions in the body are furnished with too much or too little energy, or because the energy cannot flow properly.

As the body disposes of a determined quantity of energy, it is quite obvious that, if some parts have too much of it, others have too little. It is not easy to explain the reason for this unbalanced energy distribution in the body. Often it is found in the vertebral column, sometimes in scars on the body. But there are also thousands of other causes.

The patient only notices that something is wrong in the body. If you watch yourself carefully, you will often notice that you have several ailments at a time. The pain starts at one spot, and suddenly another part of the body is aching as well.

Seen from the APM’s point of view, this is only logical. The purpose of the APM therapy is to eliminate obstacles in the energy flow, so the energy can resume its unhindered access to all members and all parts of the body. If all organs are furnished with an even quantity of energy, subnormal functions and hyper functions must turn into normal functions in the course of the treatment.

As result, it is absolutely possible that after the first – or even after the second – APM treatment you feel strong reactions in the body, lasting for minutes or hours. The consequence can be that for a short time prevailing pain disappears completely, then comes back for minutes, sometimes even stronger than before, then vanishes again in order to reappear in a milder form.

First reaction after the AKUPUNKT-MASSAGE Treatment

Possible reactions of short duration can include: headache, mild shivers, slight rise in temperature, slight nausea, increased flow of urine. I already mentioned it: If any of these indispositions occur, it will only be for a short time. After 48 hours at the very latest, they must have disappeared again. You must further know that these are only possible, in no way compulsory, reactions. But if they occur, you are prepared and you know that they are part of the therapy.

For me, your therapist, these reactions are extremely important, as it is my intention to get things moving (flowing) in the body. You are therefore asked to watch your body carefully after the treatment and report on any process or reactions at the following appointment.

In the course of APM treatment you will notice that I often proceed differently to what you might be used to. It is absolutely possible that I relieve you of pain in the back without even touching your back. In this case I might draw the meridians in the legs, the abdomen and the arms. With migraine, I might not treat the head at all, or perhaps only the side not afflicted by the pain. You should not be surprised, therefore, if I do not always treat the location of the pain itself but rather the whole body. For APM is a whole-body therapy.

AKUPUNKT-MASSAGE – What can be influenced by it ?

As already mentioned in the beginning, APM can be successful where functional troubles are the cause of a pain. Where organs are destroyed, APM is very often restricted to alleviating the pain. There is no guarantee, of course, and no firm promise that you will be cured. But I shall do my very best to help you. This, however, takes time, and patience from your side. Short-term setbacks are also possible, although we will not be discouraged by them because they will be under control.

It is also impossible to give a definite list of all the illnesses or ailments that can be favorably influenced by APM. For the following troubles, treatment is confirmed to have been especially successful:

  • affection of the spinal column
  • affection of the big an small joints
  • rheumatic ailments
  • migraine
  • neuralgia
  • disturbed circulation

Frequently patients report that as a side-effect of the carefully directed treatment of the sick organs, the following general improvements of health are noticed:

  • stabilization of the circulation
  • improvements in the digestive and urogenital systems
  • better sleep
  • improvement of nervous ailments
  • alleviation or even elimination of depressive symptoms.


How to explain this

APM addresses itself to the superior control system, the energy circuit, that is to say, to the whole human being. While appealing to the whole energy circuit (because of migraine or affection of the spinal column, for example), it is inevitable that the other regions of the body are influenced as well, curing troubled sleep, for instance, as a side effect. As already mentioned before, many causes for sickness are originated in the vertebral column. This includes also pain that is not felt in the back, bat on totally different places of the body.

The reason for the pain (that is to say, for the fact that the energy cannot flow properly) often lies in the spinal column. In most cases, I shall therefore pay special attention to that part of your back, applying the “Energetic-physiological treatment of the spinal column according to Penzel”.

In the APM therapy, the spinal column is not restricted to a “joint rod” consisting of bones, disks, ligaments and muscles. Considerations rather also comprise the energetic provision of the spinal column and the whole energy circuit. Treatment will therefore always include both, the anatomic structure and the energetic situation.


Questions to be answered

Please reflect on the following questions and let me have the answers, before we decide on the treatment:

  • Is your pain directly felt on the spinal column?
  • Do you have pain that is always one-side (always on the left or always on right-hand side of the body?
  • Do you feel like having “a thousand” ailments at a time?
  • Do you suffer from lumbago one day, and from a stiff neck the next day?
  • Do you suffer from alternating pain on the joints (fits of rheumatism)?
  • Do you sometimes have the impression as if on one leg the ligaments in the hollow of the knee were too short, and does your skin hurt on the thigh of the same leg, in addition?
  • Do you sometimes feel pins and needles on the outside of one foot?
  • Does your pain at the spinal column get worse after you have relaxed (sitting or lying down) for a while, and does the pain disappear after some time of exercise?
  • Does your back only start aching after you have worked for a while, and does the pain disappear after a period of rest (sitting or lying down, sleeping)?

Watch your body carefully and let me know in case one or the other of these questions must be answered affirmatively. If it is indicated, the spinal column will be included in the treatment. I would like to stress that this treatment has nothing to do with chiropractic, it is rather a combination of massage and very gentle exercises.


Your cooperation is required

Successful treatment – especially permanent cure – has an indispensable prerequisite: the active cooperation of the patient.

This means you will have to abide by certain regulations. So you will have to desist, among others, from common massages, dry brushing up, cold or heat treatments, extremely hat or cold showers (or alternating showers), sauna and solarium. They would not only have a bad influence on the APM treatment, but they would also make it impossible to evaluate correctly the reactions following the APM therapy.

If you have any doubts about one application or the other, please consult us.